[Rspec-devel] Feature requests

Judson Lester nyarly-rspec at redfivellc.com
Tue Aug 15 21:28:02 EDT 2006

I've run into a couple of minor irritations working with rspec recently.

Mostly, I really like working with rspec.  Tidy DSL, good Rake 
integration, built in mocks and coverage are all major boons.  But:

proc.should_raise and should_not_raise both result in printing the 
backtrace of the the RSpec failure they raise, rather than the 
unexpected exception that was raised.  This leads to a fair amount of 
extra dev time spent hunting down the error, where a message along the 
lines of "proc should not have raised, but instead raised:" and the 
whole exception (not the standard Ruby "...400 lines skipped that 
include the line you care about..." :)

Contrarywise, other expectations also print their entire backtrace, 
which is rarely helpful and consumes a fair amount of scrollback and 

Finally hash.should_has_key(:key) fails (<hash> doesn't respond to has?) 
as do similar predicates (i.e. anything with an underscore). 

It wouldn't hurt if mocks passed .and_return([1,2,3]) would treat that 
as an expectation to be called at least 3 times, and warn if they were 
told otherwise - it's certainly not Least Surprise when the class being 
specced against fails because it's getting the wrong result.

Am I the voice in the wilderness here?  I'm more than willing to submit 
patches, if there's some chance they'll be accepted.


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