[Rspec-devel] Skeleton Generator

Steven R. Baker srbaker at pobox.com
Fri Aug 11 20:02:29 EDT 2006

> And the following is generated:
> class Deck
>   def initialize(number)
>   end
>   def shuffle
>   end
> end
> Now I can review the generated code, and then add specify blocks to my
> spec file in order  to drive development.

Realistically, if you can't type a method definition or two quicker  
than you can run the generator, you should probably find a new  
career. ;)  Hell, Emacs, TextMate, and VIM will all generate the  
class...end and def...end for you, so you only have to type method  

In this example, it may be slightly useful.  But if this tool exists,  
people are going to run it on much bigger specs.  And then we're back  
at zero.


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