[Rspec-devel] Skeleton Generator

Judson Lester nyarly-rspec at redfivellc.com
Fri Aug 11 18:08:45 EDT 2006

I've been taking small steps into using rspec recently and have been
much enjoying it as an alternative to Test::Unit.  Rake integration is
certainly a nice feature.

What I'd been considering working on under Test::Unit (and was dissuaded
by it's byzantine internals) was a skeleton code generation tool.  Short
form: write your specs with the knowledge that they'll fail.  The spec
runner catches NameError and NoMethodError and starts constructing the
basic skeleton of actual classes, until specs fail for other reasons.

The driving motivation here is the same as automated testing: the easier
it is to do, the more I'll do it.  And if I can get the class and method
definitions started for the price of writing starter specs, not only is
it easier (because I cut out the "write the class defs to that the test
doesn't fail there" steps) , but I actually get work done for me.  Time

Now, I anticipate that there'll be a bunch of spongy problems to solve
in attempting this, but the reason I post the idea here is: is this
something the the larger community would be interested in, and might it
have a home in rspec eventually?


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