[Rspec-devel] Given,Then,When

Lachie lachiec at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 19:37:28 EDT 2006

> My two cents as an rSpec user: I'd just like the
> framework to be stable soon. If I were confident that the specs I
> write now will be useful for the life of my project, I'd probably stop
> using test:unit altogether.

For example, dropping dots between releases is a huge pain for me. In
our current project I chose dots because of the uncertainty of using
underscores in rails. Now there's 279/453 expectations to fix :(

Sorry, its turned into something of a rant.

I have the freedom to use whatever I want, but I'm trying to drag
others along who are resistant to BDD (or even TDD). Although I
understand the reason behind things changing (and the pain of
premature legacy), the changes seems arbitrary to these people. The
dragging is becoming more and more difficult with each change to

Perhaps the core guys should bite the bullet and plan a 1.0 roadmap.
Although I'm really interested in where RSpec will end up, the main
thing I use it for is as a Test::Unit replacement. Its a means to an
end at my 9-5 job, producing apps entirely orthogonal to RSpec and its

RSpec is in use *as is*, and its making many people happier. In other
words, it may not yet have achieved BDD nirvana, but its already
playing a very important role as exists now.

The thing is, RSpec is so much better and more rubyish that I could
see it replacing test::unit as the xDD of choice for ruby apps -- but
it would need some stabilisation and some Rails-style marketing.

What about providing new functionality/facilities without removing the
existing ones?
The Given,When,Then stuff sounds great, but if specify just becomes
"unsupported" like dots, I will cry.

I realise that accruing legacy cruft is something you want to avoid
this early. Perhaps if you worked towards a 1.0, it would give us
users the stability we want, while giving you a place to experiment
with future directions (2.x), backporting when appropriate.

sorry again for the frustration apparent in this post...
I really do love RSpec and thank you all for the work you've done on it :)


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