[Rspec-devel] New Lead Developer

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 06:54:25 EDT 2006

On 8/2/06, Steven R. Baker <srbaker at pobox.com> wrote:
> Everyone,
> I first wrote RSpec a year ago as a personal exercise to improve my
> understanding of, and abilities utilizing, metaprogramming in Ruby.
> Behaviour Driven Development was also new, and was just starting to
> get traction.  The increasing popularity of Ruby (likely as a result
> of Rails) combined with the introduction of fresh ideas with BDD
> caused RSpec to become wildly popular.
> What was originally intended as a throw away project, just to see if
> I could, has turned into something that I no longer really have the
> vision for.  I have learned a great deal working on RSpec, but I have
> outlived my utility as the lead developer.  As RSpec matures, I am
> far more interested in seeing what new developments in BDD are
> arising than I am in trying to blaze the trails myself.
> David Chelimsky has been one of the most active contributors since he
> joined the project, in terms of code written, mailing list
> assistance, and new ideas.  Dave has a genuine interest in both the
> project, the community around the project, and the ideas that RSpec
> is encouraging people to learn.  Effective immediately, Dave will be
> the lead developer of RSpec.  In collective code ownership, this
> doesn't matter, but I've always leaned towards weak code ownership,
> though, and I find that it is especially important in Open Source
> projects.
> Dave has been made an Admin on the Rubyforge project page.  In a few
> weeks, I'll ask him to reduce me to "Senior Developer" once we know
> that the transition issues are solved.  Thanks to Dave for taking
> this on, so that I can focus on other things.  I'm looking forward to
> seeing what happens next.

Me too! Thanks to Steve for getting this project started and welcoming
me in as a contributor. His little exercise has turned into what I
view as a very important resource for all of us interested in BDD, and
anyone else who is interested in improving the state of TDD.

Thanks also to Dave Astels for introducing me to rspec and BDD in the
first place, to Aslak Hellesoy for being such a passionate
contributor, and to everyone else who has contributed patches and
ideas along the way.

As Steve suggested, I am genuinely interested in the wider context of
BDD. Dan North, the guy that coined the name BDD, initially talked
about it (and continues to) as a collaborative approach to documenting
software acceptance criteria in a way that supports all team members
talking the same language and, as almost a side effect, provides clear
direction for developers in terms of what to build.

As a developer, I tend towards the same developer focus that most of
us do, but the team collaboration aspects of BDD are not only very
interesting to me, but I view them as the underlying principles of
this project. If we're going to call this a BDD framework it is
essential that we align the rspec vision with the wider BDD vision.

So what does that mean? Not much really. RSpec is already a partial
manifestation of that vision. There is nothing in it that conflicts
with the BDD vision. The same people that are currently involved will
remain involved as long as they care to. The same values that Steve
has held (most especially keeping the users in focus) will remain.
I've been acting as a pragmatist/moderator of sorts anyhow, so this
simply makes that role an official one.

Thanks again to all who care about and contribute to this exciting project.


> Oh yeah, the dots are his fault.

Oh yeah, the dots that removed almost all of the Object pollution are
my fault :)

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