[Rspec-devel] [OT] rapt handling plugin versions

Luke Redpath luke at agileevolved.com
Thu Aug 3 06:56:07 EDT 2006

Hi Guys

Further to my email below, I thought you'd be interested in a feature  
I checked into the RaPT trunk yesterday.

RaPT will now handle plugins that make use of the trunk/tags/branches  
structure. Furthermore, it will automatically detect plugin versions  
- "bleeding edge" for the trunk plus a version for every tag in the  
tags folder. All you need to do is point RaPT at the root of the  
repository and it will prompt you for which version you want to  
install. Alternatively you can explicitly specify a version with the  
--version switch. It will also make sure the plugin is installed into  
the plugins folder with the correct plugin name.

If you want to play around with it, you'll need to check out the  
latest source from the RaPT trunk (see http://rubyforge.org/projects/ 
rapt/) and compile and install the gem. You can now do:

$ rapt install http://opensource.agileevolved.com/svn/root/ 

Or a specific version:

$ rapt install http://opensource.agileevolved.com/svn/root/ 
rails_plugins/unobtrusive_javascript/ --version=rel-0.2

Currently this only works with http:// repositories - I'll get it  
working with svn:// repositories today or tomorrow.

A final note, if a plugin doesn't use the trunk/tags/branches  
structure RaPT will assume it has a single "bleeding edge" version.  
Finally, if a plugin does only have a single version, RaPT will  
install it without prompting.

I'm going to press Geoffrey Grosenbach to push out a new release of  
RaPT in the coming week as it also has support for plugin packs now  
(see my blog). Work has also begun on the central plugin repository,  
more on that later.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me off  


On 1 Aug 2006, at 13:01, aslak hellesoy wrote:

> On 8/1/06, Luke Redpath <luke at agileevolved.com> wrote:
>>> It *sould* be installed via the rails plugin system, but I actually
>>> recommend not to because the rails plugin system doesn't handle
>>> versions that well.
>> FYI, I'm now on the committers team for the RaPT Rails plugin manager
>> system and we have a few ideas about managing plugins through a
>> central repository, including handling of different versions. Stay
>> tuned...
> That sounds promising Luke. Thanks!
> Aslak
>> Cheers
>> Luke
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