[Rspec-devel] ActiveRecord fixtures support in RSpec

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 17:52:05 EDT 2006

I have taken a look at how we can integrate RSpec with ActiveRecord.
Here is what I have found so far (with a little background for the
non-rails internals savvy):

When running Test::Unit tests for ActiveRecord objects, rails
developers usually use fixtures, which puts the database in a known
state as part of the setup() method. This known state is usually
described in a rails app's test/fixtures/*.yml files.

The code that reads these YAML files and puts the data in the database
during setup() is implemented here:


As you see, the code is very tightly coupled to Test::Unit (by opening
the Test::Unit::TestCase class and adding class methods).

In order to have RSpec work with ActiveRecord we have to be able to
reuse this tightly coupled code. The way I see it now we have 2

1) Patch Rails
Pull out the code that is coupled to Test::Unit and stick it in a
module that can be included both by Test::Unit::TestCase and by
whichever class we decide to do it from in RSpec (probably

We'd have to produce a patch that is likely to be accepted by the
rails team, which means that it should be 110% backwards compatible.

2) Write an adapter
We can try to leave the Rails code untouched, and instead reimplement
an identical API (fixtures, use_transactional_fixtures, etc) in RSpec
and just have our implementation delegate to what's already in Rails.
This would only delegate to the methods that set up and tear down the

While I think option 1 is cleaner I think it's potentially a tougher
sell to the Rails team. I suggest we give our first stab at something
akin to option 2.

I know Steve and Eric have looked a little bit into this. What are
your thoughts on 1 vs 2? Can anyone think of other options?


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