[Rote-devel] Nested layouts - doh!

Ross Bamford rosco at roscopeco.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 13:24:30 EST 2006


Seems I've been a bit absent minded again with this nested layout thing.  
Sure, they work great. Unless you have layouts overriding prior layouts in  
COMMON.rb. Worse, if you try to nest using COMMON.rb, they nest backward.  

I can think of a couple of ways to fix this:

	+ After COMMON.rbs are evaluated, do layout_names.reverse!

	+ After COMMON.rbs are evaluated, reset layout_names thus:

		@layout_names = [@layout_names.last]

	+ Separate 'layout' from 'nested_layout'.

I think I prefer the second alternative. It prevents the COMMON.rb being  
used for layout nesting, but I think that's actually a good idea.  
COMMON.rb evaluation goes the wrong way for it (as I now see) and it would  
also go against the standard COMMON behaviour of overriding COMMONS from  
higher up the chain. This change would make layout act as expected from  
COMMON.rb, but still allow page and (more importantly) layout code to nest  
layouts without being aware of the nesting.

Any thoughts?


Ross Bamford - rosco at roscopeco.co.uk

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