[Ros-talk] Anybody out there?

Simon Strandgaard neoneye at adslhome.dk
Sat Dec 20 10:08:10 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 23:15, Shasckaw wrote:
> >
> ROS is a really big project when seen in its whole. As I already said, I 
> compare it to the Gnu project. That means that one of its purpose would 
> be to host a lot of sub-projects. In its begining, Gnu was just Emacs 
> (and a lot of RMS's ideas). So why would ROS need more to begin? :)

Yes ROS will require much effort.  
80 % of the time, only 20 % of the code is being executed.
It guess microsoft has focused on these 20 % of code :-)

> Mmmh... What about making a Ruby Window Managing System? I don't talk 
> about a window manager but about a good replacement for X11R6. But it's 
> not a little work you know...

I have my slow server in my wardrobe, and uses a p133 as x-server.
Speed are terrible. I think VNC does a better job than X11.
Does there exist any alternatives to X11 ?

> Or what about Mozilla and its XUL? I've heard that XPFE can be adapted 
> to support Ruby instead of javascript. That framework can be quite 
> powerfull (as it evolves)!

XUL with Ruby instead of javascript, are a good idea.
I have had some doubts about which kind of gui to choose.. Im no expert,
but XUL is nice.

> Or what about using GnuStep with an optmised graphical backend and its 
> Ruby Bindings? (GnuStep is written in Objective-C)
> One day, I even thought about the possibility of making an exo-kernel 
> with Objective-C... if you like crazy ideas, I have some lefting in my 
> bag! ;)

I guess exo-kernels still are research projects. 
Unleash some more ideas.. you are welcome.

> One really serious idea is having a Ruby Build System. For me, it is 
> even an cornerstone for the whole project.

tell me more. I am only familiar with freeBSD's ports system, but I
guess you want something else ?

Simon Strandgaard

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