[Ros-talk] Anybody out there?

Michael Kohl citizen428 at cargal.org
Fri Dec 19 18:03:26 EST 2003

On 19 Dec 2003 17:16:25 +0100
Simon Strandgaard <neoneye at adslhome.dk> wrote:

> You want to contribute with C/C++ code ?  ;-)

You just don't want to see it, believe me. ;)

> But some of the links seems to be dead (the 'chaos' link).
> And the 'Open Croquet' seems to be a shockwave/flash homepage.

Thanks! I go trough the list every once in a while and remove dead
links. But it's kinda annoying to do this, especially when there is more
useful work to do. 

> I wonder what your criteria are for inclusion?

Don't be Linux, Unix, MacOS, Windows, BeOS or QNX. :) That's more or
less it. Actually it's just my personal OS bookmarks, exported into the
link collection of our site. 

> Proposal: Add a few lines of text to each project, where you write 
> _your_opinion_ about each project.

Planning to do this forever. :( But there's always something more urgent
to do, either at work or at university, or I just don't think about it
when I got some spare time.

> Then it will become a very valuable contribution.

That's what I hope for.

> When something pops into your mind, then write a mail about it, and
> let us discuss it.

Ok, I just like to think things over a little before sending them to
public lists. 

> Its more productive to always have a CVS-playground. 
> Register yourself as a developer on rubyforge, and let me add you. 

Done, user name is citizen428.

> We need all available resources we can get.

Here I am. :)

> * more text needs to be written.

I write about Linux and other Unices for an Austrian computer magazine
to finance my studies, so this should be ok. My native language is
German, but my written English is hopefully not too bad.

> * more people with initiative are needed.
> * more ideas needs to be collected and refined.

Ok, that was exactly what I was aiming at.

> * some ROS logo's are also needed.

Any specific wishes?

> ROS are in the startup phase, if you have any ideas how such project
> should be started, then you are welcome to share them.

I think that it's very important to clearly define goals before doing
anything. So we should have a rather long phase of gathering ideas and
refining the documents found on the website. Most people want to know
what a project is up to before investing any time. After this it's time
to think about organisation, but that strongly depends on the number of
people available at that moment.

And I think the project should really try to develop an unique
personality. I was a little involved in AtheOS/Syllable at a time, but
quickly lost interest because for my personal taste they became just
toö"conservative". The GUI for example is nice, but it doesn't provide
anything new interface-like. I'd rather play with something not
completely working, but explore interesting concepts while doing so. I
guess you get the drift...

And: we should really make clear why ROS deserves the name Ruby OS.
If you use a kernel like mach, a filesystem like AFS (BTW: have a look
at the Plan 9 Operating System, their protocol 9p and the use of
namespace [1] for some interesting reading), why not just call it "Fancy
New OS with a bunch of Ruby apps". Don't get me wrong, that's not a
flame, but when somebody reads the name, I guess he wants to know what's
so Ruby about ROS. Something like a ruby interpreter at kernel level,
improving the speed of execution would be something along these lines.
Or making the whole OS as object oriented as the language itself
(however this will be implement, just to get the connection to Ruby). I
hope that didn't sound too harsh...

Ok, that's it for now, this post is alreay rather long. I guess the
start of the holidays put in me in verbose mode... ;)


[1] http://plan9.bell-labs.com/sys/doc/names.html
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