[Ros-talk] About GUI

Shasckaw shasckaw at skynet.be
Fri Dec 12 17:24:25 EST 2003

Simon Strandgaard wrote:

>On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 16:41, Shasckaw wrote:
>>Simon Strandgaard wrote:
>>>Above sounds to me as XUL requires a mozilla backend ;-)
>>I use the term XUL-like, not XUL alone. It is because XUL has a lot of 
>>equivalents, and they are often called XULs wich is ambigüous. Here is a 
>>list of existing engines:
>>Note the presence of GnuStep Renaissance.
>Yes.. Now I understand the reason why you mentioned that earlier.
>I have just been skipping through this XUL tutorial
>I must admit thats its amazing.. what never had occured to me that CSS
>could be used for GUI.  I see now that it works _very_ well.
>I wonder how easy it will be to access via Ruby ?
>Also if its easy to write custom widgets?
The fact is that the XUL community complain about a lack of XUL engine 
for scripting langage as ruby, python, perl, and so on.

The access via ruby, should be as easy as accessing XML. The scripting 
of XUL should be written in ruby, when running with a XUL-ruby engine. I 
don't think interpreting javascript with ruby would be fun! ;)

About writing new widgets, I'm not sure.
I know that XUL is not self-sufficient:
    you need CSS
    you need a scripting langage (for mozilla, its javascript)
    you should use RDF file for the content (eventually generated by a 
PHP script)
    you should use XPCOM elements for extensibility. XPCOM elements are 
COM-like objects, extensions of mozilla (plugins in other words) and 
written in C/C++ langage (in fact, it can be any langage because of IDL 
    you should use XBL (Xml Binding Langage). I don't understand exactly 
what it is, but I know that XUL is not truly native in Mozilla: XUL is 
in fact constructed with javascript, CSS and XBL. I know it by people 
that wanted to refactor mozilla. Note that XBL is a standard of W3C: 

As you see, it's a big piece! It can be really powerfull. But it can 
also be an heavy and slow thing. We have to be carefull with that.


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