[Rmof-users] RMOF - new version?

Antonio S. de A. Terceiro terceiro at dcc.ufba.br
Thu Mar 22 14:03:31 EDT 2007

Jim Steel escreveu isso aí:
> Yeah, there were some gotchas.
> Our initial checkin had the superfluous "src" directory. I fixed this
> up (might be worth updating for that).
> Also, for some reason the migration to SVN resulted in copies of the
> trunk in tags/model and branches/model. I don't think we need them, so
> I've deleted them.
> The usual way with SVN as I understand it is to have personal branches
> under /branches - I've created one like this for myself. Antonio, you
> were keen on the move to SVN, do you have a preferred repository
> structure in terms of personal/release branches/tags?

I think that just using version numbers for the names of release
branches and tags is sufficient to distinguish them from personal ones,
which are named after the person using it or the task being carried on

Release branches are only need to be used if you want to provide
backport of bugfixes to already released version, which I don't think
will be the case.

> So Jesús, yeah, go ahead and put your code into a personal branch to
> begin with. Then we can start moving bits across to the trunk based on
> discussion.

IMHO the most practical way to work is to just remove trunk and import
Jesús' code into it, and we can work on it in trunk itself.

Personal branches are needed only when someone wants to make big changes
during a somewhat long period of time that would make other people's
work impossible if done directly in trunk.

In practice we can work with

Something like:

  ... whatever ...

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