[rjb-users] Memory Growth

Chris O'Meara chris at theomearas.net
Mon Feb 4 20:48:20 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

I have a Rails app which uses RJB extensively to integrate commercial  
Java libraries.  Mid-way through the project we encountered some Java  
out-of-memory errors and used a Java profiler to track those problems  
down and clean them up.  Now we're seeing problems with our Ruby  
process growing to varying degrees on various platforms.  (We're  
tracking RSS to determine the process size.)  On a MacBook Pro running  
Leopard on Mongrel process stays around 100MB; about 200MB on VMWare  
running CentOS 4; about 800MB on a 4-way RHEL 4 server.

Is there anything RJB-specific I should know about as I start  
profiling my app?  Any ideas what could cause the Ruby process to grow  
so dramatically?  Any profiler suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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