[rjb-users] JRuby Compatibility?

richard apodaca rich_apodaca at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 18 12:19:47 EST 2007

Hi All,

What if I could write a single version of my Ruby/Java
application and have it run with only minor
modifications on both MRI/RJB and JRuby?

There are currently some differences between the two
that make it difficult to run Ruby/Java code on both

For example, JRuby supports rubyesque methods
("object.do_something" instead of
"object.doSomething"). JRuby also has an "import"
method that does something different than Rjb::import.
So my JRuby code isn't easily ported to MRI/RJB
because these dependencies would be scattered
throughout it.

I'm not sure how much work this would involve, but
what if RJB's API worked more like JRuby's?

Just a thought...



Richard L. Apodaca

http://depth-first.com      Blog
http://metamolecular.com    Company

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