[rjb-users] Daemonized mongrel causes Segmentation faults

rjb-users at rubyforge.org rjb-users at rubyforge.org
Thu Nov 15 06:24:43 EST 2007


I am currently trying to generate PDF's from ruby using iText. On my 
development machine everything worked fine. However when I moved to the 
production server (which uses mongrel_cluster), every instance of 
mongrel crashes when initializing the Java VM.

When I started a server manually with 'sudo -u mongrel ruby 
script/server ......', generating PDF's worked again. However when I 
start the server as a daemon 'sudo -u mongrel ruby script/server -d 
......' the instance crashes again with a segmentation fault. The line 
before the segmentation fault reads 'Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 
warning: Can't detect initial thread stack location - find_vma failed'. 
The machine is a Intel Xeon system.

Is this a known bug, and if so is there already a solution?

Thanks in advance,
Regards Andres

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