[rjb-users] JFreeChart with Rjb?

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Thu Jul 12 09:27:11 EDT 2007

Hi Arton,

I was just getting ready to paste in the code when I found my error --
missing the semicolon on the sig.

xy = XYSeries.new_with_sig("Ljava.lang.Comparable;", "my_series")


And I guess it's because the argument is the interface, not just a
java.lang.String, that XYSeries.new("my_series") does not work...which
makes sense.

Apologies for posting a stupid mistake; hopefully it helps someone in
the future :-)


On 7/12/07, rjb-users at rubyforge.org <rjb-users at rubyforge.org> wrote:
> Hi Mayank
> I don't know the library, but I'd like to the detail of the problem.
> Please show me the code what just calls the constructor, and some info
> about a argumets.
> for example
> #calling constructor as
> xy = XYSeries.new(a)
> #the argument is
> a = X.new
> #class X is
> ...
> Best regards
> --
> arton
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