[rjb-users] Can't find jarfile classes with Rails

rjb-users at rubyforge.org rjb-users at rubyforge.org
Tue Nov 21 06:10:06 EST 2006

Hi all,

> I just tested 1.0.3 it as well, and I'm still getting:

> Unfortunately, I tested rjb 1.0.3 and
> found that it doesn't remove the necessity of setting LD_PRELOAD.
Thanks for your testing rjb-1.0.3.
The problem is caused by Sun's implementation of libzip.so, this shared
object exports non-internalized symbols, so dynamic loader (not Java
world, it's just C world) miss resolves the functions in the process.
And at this time, I have no clue and resolution, so please use
LD_PRELOAD carefully.
The reason of update for Rjb-1.0.3 is just changing rjb's external symbols
as internalize with putting prefix, because I'm afraid of the
confliction is triggered by rjb, but unfortunately rjb is not guilty.



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