[rhg-discussion] Help with the Translation of the Ruby Hacking Guide

Roberto Perez robj.perez at gmail.com
Tue May 4 08:22:31 EDT 2010


My name is Roberto,

Yuki Sonoda of the Ruby-core mailing list has told me of about the existence
of this document. I find it very interesting in order to start the
development inside the heart of Ruby.

I would like to help translating this document, I have a strong background
in C, and I have been using ruby for some time. As you can read, I can read
and write in Englsh but I have no idea of Japanese.

Maybe, I can try to use a automatic translator and try to extract some
useful information of it.

Talking about the free time, well, I'm a full-time employee, but I can
manage to get some time inverted in the project ;)


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