Jason Garber jg at
Thu Apr 23 01:26:39 EDT 2009

I've been wanting to put up a RedCloth "dingus" like you find on  
Textism, but always thought it would take too much time and would be  
one more app taking up resources.

Then I got a reminder email from Heroku that I wasn't doing anything  
with my beta invitation.  So I took them up on it.  I wrote a simple  
Sinatra app, did a git push heroku, and basked in its glory.

Nothing fancy, but it's incredibly fast.  Check it out:

I plan to style it and integrate it into the reference manual (try out  
the examples via AJAX) at some point, but not bad for a quick hack, eh?


P.S.: Here's the app:

require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'
require 'redcloth'

get '/' do
   haml :index

post '/' do[:text]).to_html

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