Definition lists (was Re: Strikethroughs and dashes)

why the lucky stiff why at
Wed Jan 24 11:52:42 EST 2007

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 07:54:47AM +0100, murphy wrote:
> while your at it: any change to include <dl> lists?
> I already proposed them here in december :)

Definitions are already a part of RedCloth 3.  I'm not sure who
introduced them or when, but...

  - Foo :=
  - Bar := definition

Some Textile hacks use:

  @ Foo ~ definition
  @ Bar ~ definition is:

  dl. Foo:definition
I think I like the WikiCode syntax better.  I'm open to this in
SuperRC, let's just be sure to allow styling and alignment as with
the other elements.

  ;(highlight) Foo : definition
  ;{color:red} Bar : definition

Also, PyTextile and Textile v2 should be checked for a precedent


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