RedCloth and SuperRedCloth

why the lucky stiff why at
Tue Jan 23 16:37:43 EST 2007

Good day to the parliament of RedCloth followers gathered here.
Grave matters at hand!!

I'm personally quite unhappy with the state of RedCloth and am
reluctant to release the code in the repository.  I can't say if the
code works with any confidence because I can't generate the
(Poignant) Guide with the current RedCloth.  I know some things are
fixed, but I'm afraid that much is still broken.  I think I'd rather
re-release 3.0.3 as 3.0.5, you know?

So, my first question is: what to do with the RedCloth 3.x series??


The next pressing item is SuperRedCloth.[1]  This library is much
faster, much cleaner, but also much smaller.  I don't plan on
supporting DocBook or any other formats other than true XHTML.  If
you want to convert to DocBook, i'd suggest XHTML-to-DocBook.  Most
importantly, I want SuperRC to be small and performant.

Compatibility with RedCloth 3.0.3 is very important to me as well.
All of 3.0.3's tests should come out identical to SuperRC.

So, my second question: are you guys okay with SuperRC becoming
RedCloth 4 eventually?

Thanks for hanging in there!!


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