rendering mathematical equations

Jean-Etienne Durand etienne.durand at
Sun Jun 18 01:24:23 EDT 2006

AFAIK, the simplest way is to use texi2dvi + dvi2png to generate a png 
file from a TeX source. This is what I did in a rails project, and it 
worked fine and was very easy to implement.

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John Gabriele wrote:
> On 6/17/06, Assaph Mehr <assaph at> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>>> Is there some plugin for RC for rendering equations?
>> Strictly off-topic, I don't know how to do this in RedCloth but I've
>> heard good thing about jsMath[1].
> Wow. Seems like a pretty extensive system.
> It's interesting to see how much html gets produced by jsMath to
> render the equations. It's quite a lot. Also, jsMath seems a bit slow.
> I think I'll keep looking for a way to just just create some png's
> ahead of time.
> Thanks for the input!
> ---John
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