emdash vs <del>

Chris Wanstrath chris at ozmm.org
Tue Aug 22 22:33:04 EDT 2006

Hey guys.  Is this a bug or what?

 >> RedCloth.new("First part -- middle part -- end part.").to_html
=> "<p>First part <del>- middle part -</del> end part.</p>"

But http://textism.com/tools/textile/index.php says the output should  

<p>First part&#8212;middle part&#8212;end part.</p>

Thing is, I *want* textism.com's output.  Here's my workaround:

 >> RedCloth.new("First part-- middle part -- end part.").to_html
=> "<p>First part&#8212;middle part&#8212;end part.</p>"

(No space after 'First part')

That's a little less natural for the non-techies who will be entering  
Textile data on my site.  Is this a known issue, or is RedCloth  
correct?  Thanks.

Chris Wanstrath

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