New code: proposed release?

Frederick Ros sl33p3r at
Sun Nov 20 23:54:39 EST 2005

Lucas Carlson wrote :
| So I just wanted to review what most of my new code does for those  
| who are not familiar with it yet.
| ....

Wow quite a lot of new exciting stuff here ! I'm going to have a look at
this !

| So I propose we make a release with all these new spanking features.  
| Are there any pressing bugs that should stop us from doing so? What  
| version number should we go for? The ultra-conservative 3.0.5  
| release... the conservative 3.1.0 release... the crack-addict 4.0.0  
| release... the idiot-savant 1.2.3 release... the Bill Gates RedCloth  
| 2005 release... the Apple RedCloth Nano release... the typical  
| SourceForge project 3.0.4a11202005 release?

+1 for 3.0.5

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