[Rbrainz-users] MB-DiscID 0.1.4

Philipp Wolfer phw at rubyforge.org
Thu Nov 19 08:02:41 EST 2009


I have released MB-DiscID 0.1.4. This release extends the API and adds
support for Ruby 1.9.

More information:

Please note that 0.1.4 is a bugfix release to fix the broken read
method in 0.1.3, which was released just a few hours earlier.

Changes in this release since 0.1.2:
* Added singleton method +sectors_to_seconds+ to convert sectors into seconds
* Added method +seconds+ to retrieve disc length in seconds
* Added method +track_info+ for accessing more detailed information about tracks
* Fixed building with Ruby 1.9 (Mihaly Csomay)


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