[Rbrainz-users] Limiting Connections to the MusicBrainz Web Service

Nigel Graham nigel at maven-group.org
Tue Oct 21 16:13:49 EDT 2008


I'ts some while since i helped with rbrainz but to the best of my  
knowledge the answer to your question is; no.

Let me elaborate on why I don't think this feature should be the  
responsibility of rbrainz.
rbrainz is a Ruby implementation of the API for talking to musicbrainz  
servers, any musicbrainz server.
The one second per request is a policy of the primary server but  
rbrainz is not limited to talking to this server (you could setup your  
own mirror server that doesn't have this policy).
And in my opinion that policy should be enforced by the application  
developer (thats you) since how you choose to enforce the policy  
depend a great deal on the application you are working on. A GUI  
application might show a popup message, a server might choose to  
simply delay the request and a third might raise an error.

I hope this explains at least my position on the matter.


On 21/10/2008, at 19.26, Pierre Valade wrote:

> Hello !
> First of all, thanks to everyone who made rbrainz and musicbrainz so  
> cool to use !
> I have a question about rbrainz and the following thing in the  
> musicbrainz doc :
> "All users of the XML web service must ensure that each of their  
> client applications never make more than ONE web service call per  
> second. Making more than one call per second drives up the load on  
> the servers and prevents others from using MusicBrainz. If you  
> impact the server by making more than one call per second, your IP  
> address may be blocked preventing all further access to MusicBrainz."
> Has rbrainz implemented any nice feature that would wait if a  
> request has already been made in the previous sec ?
> Thanks,
> Pierre
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