[Rbrainz-users] Do you need help.

Philipp Wolfer phw at rubyforge.org
Thu Jun 14 14:28:14 EDT 2007

Hi Nigel,

I have given you access to the RBrainz project on Rubyforge. It would
be great if you would checkin your current MBID implementation.

Some notes about the project in Rubyforge: I have set up two
additional private mailinglists. All SVN log messages are sent to
rbrainz-svncheckins and rbrainz-devel is intended for developer
discussions. At the moment I have the feeling the general rbrainz-user
list is better suited for this, but maybe there is a need for an extra
list in the future.

A few notes on you last mail:

2007/6/13, Nigel Graham <nigel at maven-group.org>:
> I have thought about it and I think that we should get rid of from_uri
> and from_uuid.
> The justification is that I think it's the most Ruby'esc approach and
> the one that most follows the paradigm of duck typing.
> What I mean by that is that it does a best effort to convert any
> argument into an MB ID.
Yes, that's how I see it as well.

> The only counter argument I could come up with was that the
> differentiation between the two use cases you describe is necessary to
> make a strict parser of some kind.
I don't think this will be a problem. As far as I see it your new
implementation does a pretty good job in validating the arguments.

> What I am proposing is that we make IncompleteDate act as a period with
> at least the 7 operations and get rid of the ordering operator (<=>)
> since periods have no default ordering that makes much sense.
> That way it is up to the user of the gem to decide which comparison he
> wants to use.
Yes, now I see your point. I had actually thought about handling
incomplete dates as periods before I wrote the current implementation.
My idea back then was that incomplete days sometimes really are time
periods, but often they refer to a specific date which is not exactly
known. So you can't really say that 2007-08 starts before 2007-08-14
since 2007-08 could be as well referring to an unknown day after the
14th. That's why I came up with the implementation of <=>.

But when I think about it know it really makes more problems than it
solves. So I agree to remove <=> from IncompleteDate and instead add
those 7 operations:
- before? or <
- after? or >
- =
- starts?
- ends?
- overlaps?
- between?

I think we should add before? and after? in addition to < and > (as
aliases). Could make the code more readable and better suite the
programming style of some people.

> I think they simply don't distribute binary gems. Another problem with
> binary gems that depend on 3rd party libraries is that the library
> contains the path of the 3rd party library it depends on. On a mac this
> path is different depending on how you installed the 3rd party library.
> MacPorts install in /opt/local/lib and locally compiled binaries usually
> get installed in /usr/local/lib.
I've seen you have started the project OS-X Build. Will this deal with
those problems?

Philipp Wolfer

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