[Rbrainz-users] InvalidDate questions

Philipp Wolfer phw at rubyforge.org
Mon Jul 9 05:33:15 EDT 2007

> Why do you think it needs a different eql? The one in range wil work for
> both incomplete dates and ranges and since we treat IncompleDate as a
> special kind of Range I don't see a problem. What could be confusing
> though is if we have 2 different value comparisons. (== and eql?).

No, I just wondered why we need to re-implement eql? since it is
already defined in Range. See

But as I see now the difference is that the original Range only
accepts other Range objects for comparison while you implementation
allows other types as well. I hope we don't break anything in other's
people code when we overwrite eql?

Philipp Wolfer

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