[Raven-devel] Building and Using Raven 2.0

Brian Ehmann behmannlist at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 14:47:33 EDT 2007

Hello Everyone,

Earlier today I joined the Raven-Devel mailing list so forgive me if  
this is a duplicate/dumb question.

1) I checked out the source tree and added raven/trunk/vendor/jruby/ 
bin to my path so that all ruby commands would be run off of this  
version. (no other version of ruby is on the path)
2) I built (using the included ant build file) jruby and installed  
the gems rake and antwrap
3) Next I built the raven gem with the command "rake gem" and  
installed the resulting raven-2.0.gem file into jruby (with "gem  
install raven-2.0.gem")
4) Finally I attempted to compile a simple project that compiled  
properly with raven-1.2.2 however I am receiving the following  

========= start error ===========
% rake compile
(in /Users/behmann/src/opensource/river)
1.8/gems/raven-2.0/lib/raven/gem_init.rb:107:Warning: require_gem is  
obsolete.  Use gem instead.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/ 
========= end error ===========

Did I miss a step or should I download and add the jar which contains  
this class to my classpath?  I would very much like to help port  
functionality from ANT to Raven but I'm confused as to why I can not  
create a functional gem.

Thanks for your help,

- Brian Ehmann

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