[Rant-cafe] SCons like targets

Dean Kassmann deankassmann at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 13:19:13 EST 2006

I'm considering using Rant instead of SCons for C/C++ development.
I'm not especially familiar with Ruby yet, though.

I'd like to define a dependency without having to resort to defining
separate rules such as .cpp -> .obj and .cpp -> .o for C++ object
files on windows and Linux respectively.

I can do this in SCons easily (in this case i'm building a static library):

env.StaticLibrary(target = "libname", source = ["main.cpp", "myclass.cpp"])

I don't have to define the rule to create the .obj (or .o) files for
main.cpp or myclass.cpp. And the resulting output is correctly
libname.a (on linux) or libname.lib (on windows)

Is this possible in Rant? What contortions do I have to go through to
get this to work?


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