[raleigh.rb] Liability Insurance

Brian Adkins info at lojic.com
Wed Dec 3 13:41:23 EST 2008

I've had my company, Lojic Technologies, for over 10 years and have 
never needed liability insurance; however, I'm now considering some 
contracts with larger (i.e. bureaucratic) companies that require it.

Can anyone recommend an insurance provider for small software 
development and consulting businesses?

I also own a real estate brokerage, but Errors & Omissions insurance for 
that is about $500/yr. The last I checked on liability and E&O for 
software development & consulting, it seemed to be priced with a 5 to 10 
person minimum in mind, so for a single member LLC, it was quite high.


Brian Adkins
Lojic Technologies, LLC
919-946-7547 (mobile)

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