[Rake-devel] Rake 0.9.3.beta.2 with -j option

Vassilis Rizopoulos vassilisrizopoulos at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 10:12:07 UTC 2012

On 23/10/12 23:03 , Michael Bishop wrote:
> Hi Everyone,

> *A Perk of the ThreadPool Implementation*
> The reason I ask if the issue isn't simply about "what -j means" is
> because the drake implementation is documented as breaking the existing
> contract exposed by the Rake API. From the drake page (
> http://quix.github.com/rake/files/doc/parallel_rdoc.html ):
> Task#invoke inside Task#invoke
>      Parallelizing tasks means surrendering control over the
> micro-management
>      of their execution. Manually invoking tasks inside other tasks is
> rather
>      contrary to this notion, throwing a monkey wrench into the system. An
>      exception will be raised when this is attempted in -j mode.
> The ThreadPool implementation does not share this same limitation or
> limit any features of the Rake API.
> [A use case for this is below...]

I have a much better use case and since my patch for allowing this 
within the tasks was rejected because of abuse potential I'm dreading 
losing the ability to use invoke within tasks.
What I do is

task build

Now for various reasons import and other tricks do not work for my use 
case (there's a bit more info on the pull request for dynamic prereqs 
https://github.com/jimweirich/rake/pull/103) but the above idiom works 
really well.
Not allowing it would be fatal for my system.
I'll also +1 the differentiation of -m and -j.
Much prefer explicitly specifying MultiTask instead of having to hunt 
down subtle race condition and resource contention bugs because of the 
implicitly multi threaded environment.


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