[Rake-devel] Adding usage data gathering functionality to rake

Vassilis Rizopoulos vassilisrizopoulos at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 01:15:48 EST 2011

I've posted this in the github issue tracker 
Here's hoping this list s still active, since I was only able to find 
archives till June last year.

I'm experimenting with gathering usage data from rakefiles.
Primarily I would like to know which task was called, its dependency 
chain and the time execution took (ideally total time and time per task).

I thought that if rake provided this out of the box it would be extra 
convenient (using a profiler I have to aggregate method calls, time only 
works on *x platforms etc.) and would provide the right level of 

I've done a quick proof of concept (it's linked in the comments of the 
Any thoughts?


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