[Rake-devel] Parameter not task key?

Torsten@Robitzki.de Torsten at robitzki.de
Sun Feb 20 07:19:22 EST 2011

I'm currently trying to build an existing C++ project with rake. I want to build different "flavors" (debug, release, etc.) of the software. Every flavor uses it's own output directory, so the different flavors can live in parallel. To pass the flavor to rake, I use the task parameter. The tasks are build automatically from the existing source directory structure. What puzzled me  a little bit is, that the parameter isn't part of the key (or name) of a task. When I try to build two different flavors of the same task, the task gets executed once, not twice as I've thought it should be. Example:

rake libs[debug] libs[release]

Is this intended behavior or should I fill a bug-report / feature-request?

best regards

btw: Thanks for the wonderful tool (rake) 

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