[Rake-devel] Comments about parallel building

Heath Kehoe hkehoe at budcat.com
Mon Jun 7 12:52:31 EDT 2010

On 6/7/2010 1:39 AM, James M. Lawrence wrote:
> Do you have an example which shows the reason for the "if needed?"
> clause after "task.execute(task_args)" in your patch?  I'd be
> surprised if that does anything; nodes are executed only once, and
> duplicate nodes are not possible (being keyed on object_id).

I was depending on rake's non-transitive aspect that you mention in item 
#4 of your "A handful of issues" message. Specifically, I have a custom 
task that syncs one directory tree from another, then another task that 
indexes the files in the directory tree. The sync task executes every 
time; after it executes its timestamp method will either return Time.now 
or EARLY based on whether anything changed in the destination tree 
(before execution, timestamp returns Time.now to insure that the task 
will execute). The index task depends on the sync task, so it will 
execute only if the sync task changed any files.

Adding 'if needed?' makes this work in drake the same as it does in rake.


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