[Rake-devel] [feature request] Pull in DSL with require 'rake/dsl'

James M. Lawrence quixoticsycophant at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 17:42:47 EST 2010

With the new DSL separation, two lines are needed to get the top-level
DSL inside a regular ruby program,

  require 'rake'
  include Rake::DSL

I suggest making this equivalent to

  require 'rake/dsl'

This would not affect the present behavior of require 'rake'.

I am essentially requesting that you follow a convention which is
convenient and already in use (at least by me, e.g. pure/dsl,
cond/dsl).  It's also my last chance to speak up before the existing
dsl.rb makes the feature backward-incompatible.

There are also other precedents for require 'project/feature' to
produce side effects needed by 'feature', for example spec/autorun and

See pull request on github.

P.S. I was accepted to the Rake group on pivotal but I didn't see how
to create a feature request (or to do anything other than export CSV).

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