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Alex Chaffee alexch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 23:22:48 EDT 2009

Hi, Jim! Nice to see you. Sorry for implying you were an absentee landlord

> Also, when there's a test failure, I'd like to see it and its stack trace
>> immediately, without having to rerun with "--trace".
> The printout of the stack trace for a broken test is done by Test::Unit,
> not Rake.

Oh, you're right, I got confused. Test::Unit shows stack traces just fine
these days.

The Rake code runs in a (possibly) different current directory than the
> directory where the rake command itself was invoked.  At the time, I felt
> that was unusual enough to make it clear where rake decided to run.  Maybe
> this is no longer true.

Yeah, I see why you wanted that feature in early on, but I'd like to think
people are used to that behavior by now. And if something mysterious is
going wrong you'd turn on "show me everything" verbosity which would include
the directory info.

> Regarding the full list of tests, set the verbose flag in the test task
> definition.  This should be defaulting to false, so you must be explicitly
> setting it to true.

When I read this I had a sinking feeling, and I checked, and guess what?
It's not me... it's RAILS that's doing that.
rails-2.2.2/lib/tasks/testing.rake has "t.verbose = true" all over the
place. Ick. I wonder if there's a clean way to override that. I think if we
changed the TestTask to inherit verbosity settings from the command line
then we could patch Rails in an acceptable way.

> Regarding the "Loading Suite ..." message, this is printed by Test::Unit,
> but it looks like it can be controlled via an output level.  I'm not quite
> sure how to influence its setting, but I suspect it can be done.  I would
> certainly entertain a patch to allow this to be controlled from the testtask
> definition.

Thanks for the goahead. I'll check into that.

 - A
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