[Rake-devel] Rake DSL Commands are no long in top level

Bennett, Patrick Patrick.Bennett at inin.com
Fri Jun 5 10:52:11 EDT 2009

While I still find it disturbing that comments in code will be assumed to be task comments, if the performance impact is only there if an option is specified requesting task descriptions then my performance concerns are definitely lessened.
Still - how is that desc - something that does nothing more than setting a string, take more time more than reading a file (a bunch of two line files isn't the best test, but you did actually test something so I can't complain too much ;>) and running a regexp parse across the caller backtrace?  That really doesn't make any sense Jim.

Speaking of the patch - how does it handle it when multiple tasks are created on the same line [say in a block iteration]?  If there happens to be a comment on the line above they'll all get the same task description?

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On Jun 4, 2009, at 7:51 PM, Dave Thomas wrote:

> But perhaps some real numbers, rather than some genuine concerns,  
> would give
> us the data to go on.

So, here are some numbers.  This is based on 30,000 tasks split into  
300 files.  The tasks do nothing but declare a single dependency.   
This is against the latest code base that does not do task metadata  
recording (i.e. comments and line numbers) unless a -T, -D or -W  
option is given.


[env*]$ time ruby -I../lib ../bin/rake -Rdesc
(in /Users/jim/working/git/rake/x)

real	0m1.779s
user	0m1.553s
sys	0m0.135s


[env*]$ time ruby -I../lib ../bin/rake -Rcomment
(in /Users/jim/working/git/rake/x)

real	0m1.623s
user	0m1.467s
sys	0m0.135s


[env*]$ time ruby -I../lib ../bin/rake -Rnone
(in /Users/jim/working/git/rake/x)

real	0m1.505s
user	0m1.365s
sys	0m0.120s

Turns out the comment version is actually faster (because I'm not  
processing the desc command).  I imagine the speed of the desc version  
could be improved if I made it obey the no task metadata flag.

Running with the -T (and piping all output to /dev/null) shows that  
the comment version runs about 1/2 second slower than the desc version  
(3.8 vs 3.3 seconds).  Given that these cases will be primarily  
dominated by the speed of the output, I'm not too worried about a slow  
down here.

I don't see any performance reasons to take out Dave's patch.

-- Jim Weirich
-- jim.weirich at gmail.com

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