[Rake-devel] Rake DSL Commands are no long in top level

Jim Weirich jim.weirich at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 03:34:12 EDT 2009

On Jun 4, 2009, at 5:10 PM, Jim Weirich wrote:

> This has the potential of breaking some rake libraries out there, so  
> I'm leaving this change in the 'env' branch until I get more  
> experience with it.  If you wish to check it out, please do so and  
> report back there.

And (not really surprised), it breaks on rails Rakefile.  Rails uses a  
standard Ruby load command to explicitly load all its .rake files,  
which bypasses the setup of the Rake environment.

To tired to ponder the implications of this now.  More later.

-- Jim Weirich
-- jim.weirich at gmail.com

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