[Rake-devel] How to pass arguments to Rake::Task['name'].invoke ?

Dominik Mayer dominik.mayer at beagile.de
Tue Jan 13 08:26:03 EST 2009

thanks for your reply! 

sadly this only works for 

but not for 


so if i'm in development-environment, the following would not drop my
test-db (unfortunately it would drop my development-db):

  ENV['RAILS_ENV'] = 'test'

any other ideas on that?

Am Dienstag, den 13.01.2009, 10:17 -0200 schrieb Luis Lavena:
> If you check the task source code, you will see it uses ENV to find
> the parameters.
> Because of that, you cannot invoke or execute the task in the way
> you're doing. Instead you should:
> ENV['VERSION'] = '0'
> Rake::Task['db:migrate'].invoke
> If Rails update the task to take paramenters, you could invoke it with
> the first syntax you tried.
> Hope it helps,

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