[Rake-devel] How to pass arguments to Rake::Task['name'].invoke ?

Dominik Mayer Dominik.Mayer at beagile.de
Tue Jan 13 06:42:06 EST 2009

hallo everyone!

i already tried to find an answer to this question on google and posted
it on the ruby-mailing list, but i had no success so far in solving my

i detail my problem is the following:
i'm using rake with RubyOnRails and want to invoke a task from inside
another task. at the moment i do this with system calls like the

    system 'rake db:migrate VERSION=0'
    `rake db:drop RAILS_ENV=test`

what i try to do now is something like that (inside another rake-task):

    Rake::Task['db:migrate'].invoke(:version => 0) # to pass VERSION=0
    Rake::Task['db:drop'].execute(RAILS_ENV, test)

nothing has worked so far. arguments get ignored or result in errors.
what's the right way to do such a thing?

thanks in advance

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