[Rake-devel] Enforce version of Rake from the Rakefile

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Thu Aug 6 04:38:07 EDT 2009

Am Wed, 5 Aug 2009 17:43:51 +0200
schrieb Antoine Toulme <antoine at lunar-ocean.com>:

> I would have needed the first one to enforce it, and the second
> sounds like an even nicer way to make sure the right version of Rake
> is used, but it might be a bit too much work.
> Thanks for the help!

You could also try using

    rake _0.8.3_

instead of just


Just substitute 0.8.3 with the version of rake you want to have. Note
that this only works when you have installed rake via Rubygems.

-- Thomas

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