[Rake-devel] Tasks with arguments and dependencies - doc patch

Witold Rugowski rugowski at nhw.pl
Sat Oct 11 08:37:42 EDT 2008

Jim Weirich wrote:
> Actually no, it is correct as it stands.  The 0.8.3 version of rake
> does not need the :needs key (it will accept it, but the [:args] =>
> [:prereqs] syntax is preferred.  See below for an example.
You are right, example from documentation does work. However description
before is misleading:
>       Tasks that Expect Parameters and Have Prerequisites
> Tasks that use parameters have a slightly different format for
> prerequisites. Use the :needs keyword to specify the prerequisites for
> tasks with arguments. For example:
So maybe this need to be removed since after I have read this I have
copied example and added :needs key. And this does not work - with
:needs arrays should not be used.

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