[Rake-devel] Question about system call and multiple arguments.

James M. Lawrence quixoticsycophant at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 22:59:24 EST 2008

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 1:12 AM, Jim Weirich <jim.weirich at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Nov 2, 2008, at 8:08 PM, Luis Lavena wrote:
>> Jim: can you postpone 0.8.4 release for a bit until we figure out the
>> best option for this scenario?
> Its great to see this conversation going.  I've got no particular time table
> for 0.8.4, so take your time to get it right.

Kernel.system() is more broken than I had imagined, passing only 50%
of my tests.  What is worse, the failures are not even reasonable.


Perhaps I could find a ruby-core member to bless some version of my
specification, at which point a real patch for the interpreter could
be made.

In the meantime Rake is a good testbed for pounding on the spec.  If
we can cover the outstanding problems, or at least as many as
possible, we may have a case for actually fixing these things (to the
extent possible).

For Win32 I currently have no assertion failures, but one error in the
teardown of test_rules (which seems not a big problem).  There's a
skipped test in test_fileutils.rb which may be a question of

So, what are the outstanding issues and are there failing tests for them?

James M. Lawrence

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