[Rake-devel] publisher.upload_port(666)

Yves Dufour yves_dufour at mac.com
Thu May 29 09:25:05 EDT 2008

I am  testing rake file upload, running well rcp in a terminal

  scp -v  -P 666 -q  /Users/kadoudal/musicians.xml
  kadoudal at mydomain.com:httpdocs/var/www/html/jazz_people

but when running from the rake file

publisher = Rake::SshFilePublisher.new( "kadoudal@ mydomain.com", "/ 
   File.dirname(__FILE__),  t.prerequisites.first)
  I get an error, which quite normal as I should precise the port 666

ok solved this issue with a patch in  rake/contrib/sshpublisher.rb

# Upload the local directory to the remote directory on non-standard
     def upload_port(port=22)
       @files.each do |fn|
         sh %{scp -P #{port} -q #{@local_dir}/#{fn}

now I can do publisher.upload_port(666) 
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