[Rake-devel] ~/.rake file?

Adam Salter adam.q.salter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 05:01:10 EDT 2008

Hey all,
Just wanted to run this by the list....
Is anybody adverse to me implementing basic 'sake' functionality?
sake is a system-wide rake, and basically just reads the rake tasks  
from ~/.sake (ok - it does a fair bit more - sorry Chris for  
denegrating your good work! ;)

I suggest having a (optional) ~/.rake which is only read if no other  
rake file is found (or a command line option is added).

This means you could have rake tasks for general stuff.
rake system:clean_temp_files

Sake implements a lot of other functionality, reading tasks from  
websites, internal server for serving tasks, but the basic  
functionality could be a good fit for pulling into rake.

Want to run this by the list before I get started, so I don't  
implement and find that it's rejected.


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