[Rake-devel] Stop rake from passing in the 'html' template to rdoc by default

Tony Strauss tony.strauss at designingpatterns.com
Fri Jul 25 13:57:37 EDT 2008


contains a small change to rdoctask.rb that stops rake from specifying the
html template to rdoc by default.  I think that this is a reasonable change
1.) rdoc already defaults to the html template, so rake also defaulting to
the html template has no effect.
2.) rake's defaulting to the html template means that it always specifies a
template to rdoc, which overrides any template specified in the RDOCOPT
environment variable.

This change allows rdoc when invoked through rake to output to different
templates based on the RDOCOPT environment variable, even if the rake tasks
(like those provided by hoe) do not allow the specification of an rdoc

Tony Strauss
Designing Patterns, LLC
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