[Rake-devel] truncated task descriptions

Jim Weirich jim.weirich at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 16:08:25 EST 2008

On Feb 25, 2008, at 3:55 PM, Jason LaPier wrote:
> This is an extremely trivial point, so don't spend too much time on it
> :) I understand the rationale behind the truncation of task
> descriptions in 'rake -T' but I find the 80 column limit a little too
> condensed for my personal tastes. I whipped up a rake task that
> displays tasks and allows me to specify my column limit with an
> environment variable. Something like:
> $ export RAKE_DESC_COLS=180
> $ rake t
> $ rake t[some-pattern]
> The rake task is detailed here:
> http://offtheline.net/2008/2/24/rake-and-truncated-task-descriptions
> If anyone thinks they might find this useful, I'd be willing to create
> a patch (to work with '-T' rather than a task named 't'). Let me know
> if you'd prefer using an environment variable or another command-line
> switch. Personally, I like the environment variable because I can
> stick it in my .bashrc and have different column width depending on
> what computer I'm in front of.

I would accept a patch that allowed an environment variable to set the  
column width for -T.  Don't forget unit tests.

-- Jim Weirich
-- jim.weirich at gmail.com

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