[Rake-devel] Merging the system .rake changes

Jim Weirich jim.weirich at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 23:11:24 EDT 2008

Regarding GitHub commit: http://github.com/adamsalter/rake/commit/352901dfa42a68d683a6834f6fab32b98127bd96

I've looked this over and am about finished merging the code.  There  
seemed to be a number of errors where the tests didn't match the code  
base, but I think I've worked them out.

Some issues and other random comments:

* I want to use the terminology "system rakefiles" (i.e. rakefiles  
defined at a system level) and "project rakefiles" (i.e. the standard  
rakefiles in a project).  With that in mind, I changed references from  
'rake_home_path' to 'system_dir'.  Likewise, I changed 'curdir' to  
'project' in several places.  (BTW, these methods are currently  
defined in TaskManager, that might not be their final destination).

* There was an inconsistency in the name of the win32 method to  
calculate the proper rake system directory on win32 boxes.  I can only  
assume that it wasn't tested on that platform.  I'm going to update  
the github gem in a bit.  If a windows user could grab that and verify  
that it works on the system, I would be extremely grateful.  I'll  
announce the availability of the gem when I upload it.

* There was an inconsistency in the flags passed on the command line.   
The code supported -G/g for system/no-system options, but the tests  
expected -m/-M (notice not only change in letters, but the swapping of  
case).  I think I like -g for --system and -G for --no-system  
(something different both the code AND tests).

-- Jim Weirich
-- jim.weirich at gmail.com

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