[Rake-devel] Heirarchical Builds

Brad Phelan bradphelan at xtargets.com
Fri Oct 5 08:51:57 EDT 2007

Brad Phelan wrote:
> Hi Rakers,
> Am new here to the list. Am joining because of a special requirement. I 
> have been hacking the Rake source code without too much success to get 
> the following requirements to work.
It is always good to try and describe what you want to others. The 
comment I made about scoping path names for FileTask gave me a few 
ideas. I implemented the path as a named scope for FileTask and it seems 
to work ok.

I've included a zip file with the directory. Unzip it and just do



rake clean

and you will see the hierarchical build working. Also included is a half 
attempt at construction environments which doesn't quite yet work. My 
main rakefile is

    require 'cscanner'

    Rake::Task.env do |env|
        env[:CCFLAGS] = "-DFOO=2"
        file 'main.out' => [ 'main.o' ]

    Rake::Task.env do |env|
        env[:CCFLAGS] = "-DBAR=5"
        file 'main2.out' => [ 'main2.o' ]

    task :default => ['main.out', 'main2.out', 'sub/main3.out' ]
    task :clean do
        sh "rm *.o*"
        sh "rm sub/*.o*"
    rake 'sub/sub'

and the child rake file (sub/sub.rake) in the directory sub is

    require 'cscanner'

    Rake::Task.env do |env|

        env[:CCFLAGS] = "-DBAR=1 "
        env[:CCPATH] = ["."]

        file 'main3.out'


The output from the build is

    (in /home/phelan/ruby/rake)
    cc -DFOO=2  main.c -c -o main.o
    cc   -o main.out main.o
    cc -DBAR=5  main2.c -c -o main2.o
    cc   -o main2.out main2.o
    cc -DBAR=1   -I. sub/main3.c -c -o sub/main3.o
    cc  -DBAR=1  -o sub/main3.out sub/main3.o

As you can see the CCFLAGS are not propagated to all rules. Not sure 

The Rake::Task.env block just opens a new construction environment where you
can set build specific flags. It is an orthogonal concept to the  
heirarchical build.



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